Saturday, April 13, 2013


That was the word count when I typed the last period of the first draft of Blood of Anjels, today. Over the next couple of weeks I’ll go back, add some scenes and read it through a couple of times before releasing the final draft to editors and readers. I’m guessing it will be about 75,000 words in finished form.
The word count, as I’ve said before, is only important in terms of classification. It will be a short novel, not a novella. The important thing is that I use just enough words to tell the story, no more and no less.
I am pleased and surprised with the ending. It came together faster than I had envisioned. Some readers will think it ends abruptly, because the pace of the final scene is rapid, right up to the last few paragraphs. It will frustrate some readers because not everything is spelled out. Others will find it opaque.
I can hardly wait for those conversations.

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