Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Ender's Game

Should readers and moviegoers boycott works of art because they disagree with the political views of a writer? This question has come up most recently in regards to Ender’s Game, by Orson Scott Card. The book is iconic in the science fiction canon. I’ve read it, and its sequels. I admire the writing of Orson Scott Card. Only within the past year or so, with the release of the Ender’s Game movie, have I learned how vehemently homophobic the man is. 

Card has many views I find abhorrent. So, should I no longer credit his work? Of course not. His work stands on its own. However, I will no longer purchase anything he writes, and I certainly won’t see the movie.

I would not take that stand if Card were a run-of-the-mill conservative. I can disagree with someone’s political views and still respect them. However, I can’t support someone who would like to see friends and relatives of mine become outlaws because they were born gay. I cherish those people for who they are. Being gay is integral to that.

The question can get complex, and the link I’ve included here cleverly addresses some of the those complexities. Enjoy.

Meanwhile, I won’t be seeing the movie. No doubt, there are readers out there who won’t read my books because of my views. Good for them.


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