Monday, November 18, 2013

Google Me

Well, this is an interesting development. I was going to blog today about the trials and tribulations of having a last name that is also a very common English adjective. Then I Googled myself.

Admit it, you’ve done that. Everyone is curious about the digital tracks they’ve left across the cyber landscape. I haven’t done it in at least months, possibly years.

I’ve found it entertaining in the past to first Google William Shakespeare, another writer you may have heard of. You get more than 50,000 results. Most of them are probably in some way related to William Shakespeare.

Now, Google Rick Just. You get more than 407,000 results. Whoa! This Rick Just must be some kind of famous! Except that about 407,000 of those results are for pages where “Rick just emptied the garbage,” or the like.

That was to be the basis of my mini rant. People simply can’t find me, even if they are actually looking for me.

But strange Google magic has happened since last I looked. Seven of the top eight results are for the actual Rick Just who writes this blog. True, the third most relevant result offered is for a bus driver named Rick Just who is featured in a YouTube video. Still, there I am, right where I’m supposed to be.

The top result is my website, followed by my LinkedIn page, followed by the bus driver. Then we’ve got Facebook, a bio, images, my author page on Amazon, and a link to Wizard Chase.

I still can’t shake that Shakespeare dude, though. Result number nine is from the website Rap Genius, quoting lyrics by Rick Ross, which include a reference to the Bard. Back to school, Google, back to school.

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