Saturday, December 7, 2013

Remembered for Writing

A thought occurred to me yesterday as I clicked the submit button on a grant application. I’ve published five novels, one nonfiction book and been the major editor on five other nonfiction books. Those books will provide some entertainment and perhaps a little enlightenment to readers. But, will I be long remembered for them? Probably not.

As a sometimes grant writer (a term commonly used incorrectly, including here) I might get some measure of immortality, I suppose. At least, something that comes from it might outlive me.

But, if I am really remembered at all for my writing it will be by one of the smaller, but more important, readerships I have. If someone a hundred years from now reads my writing and is glad for it, that someone likely be a future relative. My family will remember me as the driving force behind a little family history magazine I have been editing for 27 years, called Presto Press. It’s what I’ll be doing this weekend. Making memories, with the crucial help of other family writers. I’m a novelist, grant writer, blogger, artist, and producer. I’m glad for all that, but the most important thing I do is keep Presto Press going. Now, to it.

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