Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Sacrificing for Art

When I sacrifice for my art, it means my butt is tired from sitting in a chair and writing. When Matthew McConaughey does it, he drops 47 pounds, putting his health at risk.

I saw Dallas Buyers Club last night and was struck by the lengths McConaughey went to for that role. I was also struck by how little I need to sacrifice for my various pursuits. Yes, I’ve burned myself a lot doing metal sculpture. I’ve probably breathed a little too many solder and glue fumes. And, my butt gets tired when I pound away at the keyboard too long.

Writing isn’t easy. Most art takes a lot of work and dedication. Even so, for most of us, we do it because we can’t not do it. I admire those who give so much of themselves to bring a vision to life.

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