Sunday, March 17, 2013

Picking a Title

As you may have noticed--probably to your everlasting irritation--I have been referring to the novel I am working on as Anjels (working title). I’m going to try out a couple of others today to get your reaction. They are:

1). Blood Anjels
2). Remember Me
3). Memory Keeper
4). Other Anjels

If nothing else, the jarring difference between the first title and the others will illustrate the importance of a title.

Note that not a single one of these titles is completely original. I did not take them from any other work, but I did google them and found that each one is associated with another book or movie. This is not unusual--you cannot copyright a title--but it is something that I will need to keep in mind when choosing a title. 

I flipped titles 1 and 3 around and found more books and other associations. It is nearly impossible to come up with a title that is not already in use for something else. Wizard Chase was an early online game. Wizard Girl(s) is an anime meme. Wizards End is a website in the UK where you can buy a nice cape. 

Pick your favorite, please, and tell me why you prefer it.

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