Sunday, March 31, 2013


Today is the day the Christian faithful celebrate The Resurrection. I could spend a few lines talking about the alleged Pagan roots of the celebration, but that’s a controversy with little actual importance and even less chance of convincing either side of the veracity of the other.

But resurrection, there’s something I could write a book about. Oh, that’s right. I am. Technically the book deals more with a myth of reincarnation than with resurrection, but there are a couple of characters who seemingly leave this life and pop up again for another round.

Coming back from the dead is a popular theme across countless mythologies. And, why not? If we have to die--and all evidence seems to point there--we should at least be able to come back in a shiny new body. Or, how about living forever in a new place? That has a certain appeal, even if harps provide the Muzak.

So, I understand the appeal of this great centerpiece of Christianity. So do the characters in my book, though--spoiler alert--at least one of them will abandon her belief in the end.

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