Friday, March 29, 2013

My Gay Characters

It is an important week in American history. The Supreme Court of the United States has heard arguments about marriage rights for gay citizens. I bring that up in this book blog because the book I’m writing examines gender relationships. One could argue that all the characters are gay.

I did not set out to write about lesbian relationships, but some will assume that is the whole point of the book. The fact that many of my characters are in loving, same gender relationships is an effect of a worldview that has left the rails, not the cause of it.

Nevertheless, my mostly positive depiction of characters who are in such relationships will probably be seen as promoting the dreaded “gay agenda.” Using the word promoting in this context is already judgmental. What would be the point of promoting something that people have no choice about?
I am close to several people of both genders who are gay. It is a biological fact for them. For me, it is part of what makes them unique individuals. How can I help but treasure that?

For my characters, same gender relationships are a cultural norm.  Those who may feel different urges suffer some confusion, because they have no option to act on them in their society. How that society became that way is a sub-plot with many hints but no concrete explanation.

The larger and parallel plot is about how a society is shaped by religion.

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