Saturday, February 16, 2013

About My Reader

Tom Trusky was my teacher, mentor and friend. You can read more about his amazing life on Wikipedia and the Facebook page Remember Tom Trusky.

As I mentioned yesterday, Tom taught me much about writing. He taught me the discipline of learning the traditional forms of poetry and why you really should not break the rules until you understand them well.
One thing he hammered home was that you should not share whatever you are working on with anyone before it is finished, or at least in completed draft. Doing so saps your energy. If you tell your story to someone, in a way, there is no longer a reason to write it.

In this book blog I am dancing on the edge of Tom’s rule, while desperately trying not to break it. You will not know the story of Anjels (working title) by reading this blog. You will know about technical decisions I have made and something about the world anjels live in. 

Tom was not a fan of science fiction. I only rarely foisted any on him in the eight classes I took from him at Boise State University. Every writer writes for someone, consciously or not. Sadly, he will never read this book. Nevertheless Tom will always be my reader.

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