Thursday, February 21, 2013

From whence the muse?

From whence the muse? From the air we breathe and the lives we live. 

Yesterday I got an email from a distant cousin in Seattle. She delights in sending friends jaw-dropping photos. This time it was a video and it was nearly six minutes long, with an admonition that I had to watch it through to the end. Sigh. I would probably have ignored the whole thing if it weren’t from Carol. She rarely steers me wrong.

I clicked play, and there she was, my muse! Everyone else who sees the video will see three kites performing sweeping aerial acrobatics. I saw Lasa and Talaka learning how to fly in synchronicity. I immediately switched to Google Drive and began writing that scene. It added a richness to the story that had been lacking. It added motivation and a touch of foreshadowing. 

I did watch the video all the way through. My frustration now is that I cannot seem to find the right combination of letters to mimic the sound my mouth made when that last kite landed.

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