Sunday, February 10, 2013

Angels v. Anjels

These anjels did not step out of the Bible and bear little resemblance to angels. For one thing, they are all women. My brother, who knows about these things, tells me there are no female angels mentioned in the bible. These anjels have wings. Though popular representations of angels show them with wings, I am told the Bible of Christianity makes no mention of wings. Cherubs have wings; angels not so much.
If you have solid proof that statement is wrong, I would be happy to hear about it. It matters not to the novel.

Winged or not, these anjels have no relationship with Christianity or, for that matter, people. They have their own beliefs, their creation mythology and taboos. They do not live on earth or coexist with us in any way. 

The name, anjel, is a convenient way of plugging in to the Western mythology of angels. I can say the word and you have an image that is a good starting point. As the book progresses, that image will gradually change until you have a full picture of an anjel in your mind.

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