Sunday, February 17, 2013

Let's talk about sex

Everyone who will read this probably has at least a basic understanding of the human reproductive system. Most of us have some level of obsession with it. On this blue marble nature has come up with countless ways for a species to reproduce. Many involve a male and a female. Many do not.

Same thing where anjels live. There is much about an anjel’s anatomy that resembles the anatomy of humans. They nurse young anjels in exactly the same way a woman would nurse a baby. Producing that baby in the first place is quite different.

Some scenes may make you blush, less because of what they are doing than what you think they are doing. You, dear reader, come with your lifetime of sexual luggage that will spring open in just the right places in this book. I will have a little fun with that, but for reasons stated earlier will say no more about it.

I mentioned in my first post that this is an adult book. It is bloody by necessity. It is also sexual by necessity, which is the other reason I would not label this a book for children or young adults. Some younger readers will love it; some mothers will be scandalized. The distinction between human reproduction and the reproduction schema of an alien species will be lost on them. I’m confident of this, because I have some experience with readers who misconstrue my intention. For a good example of that, check the review of Wizard Chase by Melissa Peterson on Amazon. It took me quite some time to figure out what the word was that offended her. We had a little exchange about that. Those pesky words that have multiple meanings sometimes hamper communication.

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