Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Knowing When Not to Write

Yesterday, I wrote about discovering the ending to Anjels (working title). It is so tempting to write that this very minute. I mustn’t. 

As I wrote the other day, I don’t feel I can tell the story without sapping my energy to write it. I think writing the ending would be even worse.

Oh, I wrote it down. I put down two lines and a three-word quote that will eventually constitute the ending. But I did not write IT. I want to craft every word until it fits like a jigsaw puzzle with the last piece fitting perfectly. I want to do that now! But I have a few thousand details to fill in first.

There is a certain discipline to writing. For most, that comes in deciding how much time to devote to the craft and which hours to set aside for it. For me, sometimes, it is in knowing when not to write.

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